What is an E-Sport Arena? (LAN Center)

E-port is a rapidly growing industry with billions of dollars being spent and earned. An E-Sport Stadium or otherwise known as a (LAN Center or Gaming Center) is a sanctuary and home for the casual or pro gamer. It's a new spin on the old Arcade & Cyber cafe, with an much higher earning potential.

The gaming industry as a whole is a rapidly growing industry with no signs of showing down and the E-Sport sector is helping to lead that charge. 
Latest Report showed Games market hitting 108,9 billion in revenue in 2017 with over 2.2 billion gamers, and growing to 128,5 billion toward 2020. 
Gamers are passionate and loyal people who are some of the biggest spenders with a high rate of repeat buyers. 


Worlds largest LAN center company E-Blue is a company that created gaming center in retail locations, From free floor plan design, manufacturing equipment, business services to operation service, there are already over 400 E-Blue Centers globally. #1 in North America Curently we're the largest North American LAN center network with 6 locations and adding 4 more centers in coming months (Total 10 locations in North America at 2017.

We are the largest E-Sports Gaming Center Brand in the world with over 400 locations globally & hitting 500 by 2018, Your center can use the name without any charge. 

Total Start-Up Solution, We have complete start-up solution from: Site selection, design service, equipment, operation, training, business & marketing support. 

Affordable & Durable Gears & equipment Our gear is tested daily in centers across the world. 

Fastest Installation over 200 different kind of Gaming gears & equipment with Easy Modular set up.

No franchise Free, No Monthly Free & Free Design Service Opening a E-Blue LAN centers does not need any monthly free or frenchise charge, also We provide free 20 & 30 design service. 

Provide Multiple Earning business models we have many products in the pipeline that will be great for your earning potential.